Steven Laffoon

Chairman, President & Co-founder

Steven Laffoon

Steven Laffoon is a rare disease advocate and activist.  At the age of 3 his son Wylder James took his last breath here on earth, passing from Niemann-Pick Disease Type A (ASMD), but not without leaving behind lessons of love, hope, and most importantly how to make a lasing impact on the world by paving the way to help others.  

As part of a promise made to his son, Steven along with his wife Shannon founded the Wylder Nation Foundation to ultimately reduce the number of children’s lives taken by Lysosomal Storage Diseases.  The foundation seeks to provide what he tried so hard to create for his little WARRIOR…Options for treatment, with a current focus on Acid Spingomyelinase Deficiency (ASMD).  He believes that options provide hope, and hope gives children and their families a reason to continue the fight and persevere against terminal illness.

He is heavily involved in the Lysosomal Storage Disease community and Rare Disease community at large.   He is extremely passionate about speeding up the process and time it currently takes to bring a scientific discovery from the scientist’s bench to the patient’s bedside.  He currently sits on the National Advisory Council (NAC) and Parents Advisory Committee (PAC) for the Center for Rare Childhood Disorders at the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) in Phoenix Arizona.

Steven also does industrial chemical consulting for a specialty chemical manufacturer and has a degree in Communication and Business from Colorado State University. He currently resides in Scottsdale Arizona with his wife Shannon and 2 boys Koa & Jagger.